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With classroom and on-site learning options, we can tailor a package, offering engaging talks and site tours, investigative learning activities and cultural workshops for all primary and secondary year levels. 

Coupled with our comprehensive teaching resources, students explore themes of immigration, cultural diversity and identity, highlighting the contributions migrants have made to Australia.

Remembering Bonegilla


Remembering Bonegilla is a short stopmotion animation created to look at life in the Bonegilla Migrant Reception and Training Centre though the eyes of three different fictional characters 'The Colonel', 'Mara' and 'Joe'.

The Bonegilla Migrant Reception and Training Centre was the first Australian home for more than 300,000 migrants from over 50 countries. Today the centre touches the lives of millions of Australian's and stands as strong testimony to the courage and resilience of all post war migrants.

This delightfully perceptive film gives the viewer a rare glimpse of a major change in Australian social history - the very different challenges, struggles and experiences that post war migrants had coming through Bonegilla on their journey to a new life in Australia.

Produced and animated by: David Pennay
© 3Hand Studios 2010